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Whether you’re looking to hire new staff or find a new job, GreenLeaf Permanent Staffing can help. Our Recruiters match the right candidates to the right roles, and we are committed to delivering an efficient, customized service that works for all our clients across North America and Canada.Covering a range of appointments including permanent, part-time and temporary, contact us through our booking form to see how we can assist you today.

We Find the Best Candidates for You!

Over the years, we have streamlined our process of selecting the best candidates to fill job openings. We train and advise applicants on proper job interviewing etiquette, i.e. arriving on time, dressing appropriately and reading more about the company before the day of the interview, so that they have more confidence in answering questions. This also benefits our clients, as it sets the expectation on both sides to view each other seriously, leading to better decision making when hiring, or for the applicant, in choosing the right company to work for.

Who We Staff for:

We staff for all the major players, Nationwide, such as: Nike; Capital One, Bank of America; Molina Healthcare; Bridgestone; Amazon; HubSpot; EBay; Blackbaud; Walgreens; Google; John Deere; Tyson Foods; Kaiser Permanente; Raytheon Missile Systems; Fannie Mae; Centene Corporation; Omnicell, Inc. and more!


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